Foot Health

Ideal Feet offers a complete solution to the foot, knee and back pain that many people suffer from. Look below to learn more about the different foot conditions, and how they can be treated.

Did You Know?

Each Foot Has 26 Bones and 4 Arches. Those

Bones and Arches Are Your Body’s Foundation!

That’s why when your feet hurt, your whole body suffers. Our goal at Ideal Feet is to help you find treatments for foot pain that allow your body to heal itself from the ground up. That means relief from all those body aches you’re suffering from!

Below is a growing list of foot health resources that will help you understand what causes foot and heel pain, as well as prevention methods and treatments.

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Common Foot Pain Problems We Help Relieve

You will find a full list of the conditions affected by foot health below. Find the topic you are most interested in learning about and click to read detailed information on the causes and treatments for returning your feet to health.

Heel Area Pain

Middle of Foot Pain

Ball of Foot Pain

Toe Pain

Problems Due to Feet Issues

Foot Skin Conditions

  • Corns – Causes – Treatments

Conditions that Affect the Feet

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The Path to Foot Pain Treatments That Work

The first step to reducing pain involves understanding what is causing your body to be out of alignment.

The most common causes of foot pain are:

  • Poorly Fitting Shoes
  • Weight Gain
  • Walking on Hard Surfaces
  • Repeated Standing or Walking for Long Periods
  • Walking barefoot

Each of these puts excessive pressure on your feet, which can lead to fallen arches and inflamed tendons. If unaddressed, the dull ache you feel in your heel, arch, or toes will lead to chronic pain and long term injury.

Basics Steps for Reducing Foot Pain

Your body is remarkable in its ability to heal itself given the right conditions. Start by treating the injured area with:

  • Rest
  • Ice
  • Over-the-Counter Anti-inflammatory (Consult your doctor!)

Caught early enough, that may be all you need to let the tendons, ligaments, and muscles heal.

Lifestyle Changes for Long Term Pain Reduction include:

  • Finding better fitting and more supportive shoes
  • Improving your diet
  • Limiting the amount of time standing, walking, or running on hard surfaces

Preventative Measures to Protect Against New Foot Injuries:

  • Stretching
  • Strength Exercises

When done on a daily basis, they can keep your feet flexible and strong. Your feet will be better prepared for whatever activity you do.

What Do You Do When This Isn’t Enough?

We all have a tendency to let minor pains and annoyances be ignored until the pain becomes unbearable.

At this point your injury has advanced beyond simple rest and stretching exercises.

You need real help.

This is where Ideal Feet comes in.

You are in pain. You are tired of trying products that don’t work. At Ideal Feet, all of our products are free to try. You can get relief before you spend a dime.

Our trained staff will show you the problem areas of your feet. They will educate you on the four arches of the feet as well as the importance of your four arches working together. By aligning the four arches in your feet, the 26 bones and 33 joints will move to their correct position. This will allow the body to be balanced and supported even when you are too busy to give them adequate rest and your work keeps you on your feet all day. We offer natural foot pain treatments that work.

Only Ideal Feet offers Fit for Life. As your body and feet change with time, Ideal Feet will replace your supports with a new size for free, for the rest of your life.

With Ideal Feet products you will have better balance, better support and a new desire to be more active.

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