“This place saved my husbands feet! Thanks & blessings”

Norma W. (Feb. 2014)

“My feet feel much better! I am still a work in progress, but my PF is SO much better. “

Jeannie C. from Oklahoma. (Feb. 2014)

“I would not be walking if not for these. My next option was surgery.”

Sue C. (Feb. 2014)

” I have used your product for going on 4 years now. My doctor told me he was not going to do anymore steroid injections in my heal (plantar fasciitis) – told me to learn how to swim, or ride a bike. Heard your commercials on the radio and I gave it a try – I’ve done a marathon and more half-marathons than I can count… “

George. S. San Antonio Texas. (Feb. 2014)

“My first day with No feet pain… I can’t believe it!! You did it Ideal Feet!!”

Irene C. (Feb. 2014)

“I’ve had my supports for several years. This weekend I visited the store with my grandchildren. They were fitted and I was refitted. What comfort!! I was not having any problems, but the slight adjustment made my feet feel “special.” I think 11 people in my family now have “happy feet.” Thanks to Ideal Feet for their wonderful customer service.

Becky B. (Feb. 2014)

“I am already feeling better and less pain and discomfort. Unbelievable difference!”

Carol from Oklahoma. (Feb. 2014)

“It works! I’ve endorsed and still love!”

Jeff R. (Feb. 2014)

“Best answer yet for bone spurs and sore feet! Well worth a trip, consult and visit to the Ideal Feet store near you!”

Crystal J. (Feb. 2014)

“I can walk and wear my shoes all day long!”

Maggie G. San Antonio Texas. (Feb. 2014)



Video Reviews from Real Ideal Feet Customers


Barbara Mcloud - Review

Ideal Feet and I are best friends forever!


“After 30 years of running…over 100 marathons and ultras worldwide…my feet and legs were in need of help. Over the years I have tried many orthotic support systems both doctor prescribed custom molded systems and over the counter insoles with no success. I saw the Ideal Feet ad on the TV one late night and had to try one more time not really expecting success. Well I am back running comfortably at age 72. Thank you Ideal Feet!”

Barbara McLoud
Member of Canadian Road Running Hall of Fame


Bill Berry - Ideal Feet Review

I fell off a ladder and broke both of my ankles…


“I have had foot pain, particularly in my right foot for quite some time. In 1990 I fell off a ladder and broke both of my ankles. This caused an alignment issue due to my right foots ankle being fused. I also have had both my knees replaced and this may have also contributed to my current foot pains. I’ve used spring-soled shoes, had nerves deadened, and have had calluses continually shaved down. I’ve done all of this in order to relieve the pain.

After having heard Ideal Feet commercials for it seems years, I decided to stop and see what you had to offer. You were very helpful in not only telling me what to expect and after fitting me you demonstrated to me by the balance exercise you do, what you did for my standing equilibrium and balance.

I now have been using my Ideal Feet inserts for about two months and have not experienced the pain and discomfort I had previously experienced.

Thanks for your help and I hope this encourages other people to try your product and walk without pain.

Attached you will find a pic of me standing next to a statue of Thomas Jefferson taken at he home, Monticello in Virginia. This is the kind of activity that my wife and I enjoy and that I can now do more comfortably with my Ideal Feet inserts.”

Bill Berry
Plano, Texas


Dr Peggy - Ideal Feet Review

I can wear them in athletic shoes, flats, heels, clogs and sandals.


“I wore my Ideal Feet arch supports when I went grocery shopping today and for the first time in many years, I walked around the store (on concrete floors) without any toe cramps or foot pain! Thanks to my Ideal Feet arch supports, I can feel that my body weight has shifted off of the balls of my feet and I’m balanced over my arches. I plan to wear my arch supports every day to work and when I take power walks. One of the great things about the Ideal Feet arch supports is that I can wear them in athletic shoes, flats, heels, clogs and sandals. Hey, that’s all of my shoes! Thank you, Ideal Feet, for your great arch support system and for helping me solve my foot problems. More later…”

Dr. Peggy Delahoussaye
Pathologist ~ Houston, Texas


I recently had surgery on each foot…


“I have Cerebral Palsy and I have had many orthopedic surgeries. I recently had surgery on each foot. I had what’s called Hammer Toes. I have trouble walking, but since I have had my inserts, my balance is better. I walk with 2 tripod canes and drag my right foot a little bit when I get tired, but I am walking so much better. Today I went to physical therapy and my mom showed the therapist the impressions before and after inserts that my Ideal Feet coach Jordan had fitted me with. She wanted to make copies of it the next time I go to see her. She was impressed. My Ideal Feet rock.”

Josh S.,
Bartlesville, OK


Sandra - Ideal Feet Review

I strongly recommend Ideal Feet


“The inserts I purchased have been an absolute blessing! I don’t wake up in the mornings with pain anymore, and the inserts have been a big relief. I strongly recommend Ideal Feet and I assure you will experience great comfort.”

Sandra G.,
San Antonio, TX


Johnathon - Ideal Feet Review

Extreme Protection for Extreme Sports


“I have known the guys at Ideal Feet for some time now. I never thought I would need the insoles. About 3 weeks ago my legs were in so much pain I was not able to sleep through the night. I came in one day to see Teresa and I was so blown away with the immediate pain relief I felt just standing on the insoles. I am now a believer. I work as a general contractor and I am also into extreme sports, like sky diving. Thank you Ideal feet for giving my life back.”

Johnathon K.,
San Antonio, TX


Tell us what the Ideal Feet Effect has done for you…..


Betty - Ideal Feet Review“Made it possible to walk without pain-When I came in my left foot was in terrible pain when walking on a hard surface – I walked out – almost in tears – because I could walk without the joints of my left foot hurting”

Betty B.,
Arlington, TX


Within 10 minutes the pain I have had was gone…


Earnest Lopez - Ideal Feet Review“I am 70 years old and I have had trouble with my feet for over 20 years. A friend of mine told me about Ideal Feet so I went into the store. Within 10 minutes the pain I have had was gone. And within the next 60 days, it has only gotten better. I will be recommending all my friends and family about your service.”

Thank you,

Ernest L.,
Austin, Tx


Want to share your experience with us? Visit this page to leave your reviews, recommendations, and complaints for Ideal Feet. We love hearing from you and are always look for ways to make your experience even better.