Our patented 4 Arch Technology helps fix the underlying issues causing most foot problems by supporting all 4 arches in each of your feet.  This helps your body heal itself naturally and quickly without surgery or injections.

We have a 90% Success rate. Our Certified Professionals are committed to helping relieve your foot pain at its source.  We don’t want your pain to come back.  That’s why we offer free adjustments.

12 Years Of Foot Pain Relief Experience

We’ve been helping people like you since 2001

1000’s of People Everyday

experience relief from Ideal Feet

93% of Our Customers

feel relief in under 7 minutes

We’re 3 Times More Effective

                                 than custom molded and drug store arch supports                                                                      

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We know all you really care about is getting rid of foot pain and you never want it to come back.  So, you will feel instant relief within 7 minutes from the start of your fitting.


You will get free adjustments for one year on lifetime warrantied products.  Your arches may change in shape as they move into ideal alignment.  You can come by anytime to have the fit checked.  We will exchange supports as needed to make sure you always feel as good as possible.


Try out any of our products in the store for free so you know what kind of relief to expect before you spend any money.


We provide free consultations where you can learn about your feet and see how Ideal Feet works for you.


Our staff go through a certification program that ensures they have the skills and experience necessary to accurately measure, fit and troubleshoot all support issues accurately and quickly.


The process of reshaping your arches can happen faster for some than others.  This is the reason we created a program to make sure you stay on track and get all the relief you can.  So, we check on you regularly to make sure you’re adjusting on schedule and getting the relief you want.  We will also send you a few emails with helpful tips.


Our lifetime guaranteed products won’t crack or break, ever.  If they do we will replace them for free.


This option gives you free adjustments for life.  You will never have to worry about what happens when your arch size changes after a few years or lifestyle changes.


Whether a dog chews up your favorite shoes and everything in them or you leave your supports in a pair of shoes you donate, we have you covered.  See the store for details.


There are 26 bones and 4 arches in each of your feet.  Unlike other products, we have earned a 90% success rate by using 4 Arch Technology products to support all 4 arches in each foot. This support lets the body heal itself naturally, without surgeries or injections, so you can be free of foot pain.


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Questions To Ask Yourself


What would you do if your foot pain was gone tomorrow?

Start exercising again. Run errands pain free and play with the family. Smile and breathe a sigh of relief! Give us 7 minutes and we’ll give you results. That’s the Ideal Feet Effect.  

How do you stay healthy when every step hurts?

The sad truth is that you can’t. We’ve seen so many people who used to be active until their foot pain started. The pain kept them from running and exercising, which led to weight gain. That added weight put more pressure on the feet, so even walking and standing for long periods became painful. This decreasing activity and increasing weight led to a downward spiral of new health problems. To break the spiral you need to fix the problem at its source! You need to be able to walk and run pain free, so you can get your energy back.  

How many times have you wasted money on gel insoles from the drugstore or pharmacy?

Cheap orthotic inserts break down in a couple of months and need to be purchased over and over again without ever really addressing the underlying cause of your heel pain! Not only will Ideal Feet give you foot pain relief, but we also stand behind our products with a lifetime guarantee! With free adjustments for life you save time and money while your feet are able to truly heal  from the inside out. foot health - schedulefoot health - find store